SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance), is SAP's in-memory computing solution that finally allows the processing and analysis of data in real time. Analyze and process data instantly. Simulate more quickly and accurately the possible business scenarios using all the detail of the existing information in your company. Analyze massive amounts of data in memory without having to wait for the update of the information or the execution of your analysis reports. Take business decisions at your leisure without delay and execute them in a timely manner.

Solution that allows you to define, execute, follow and analyze your planning, forecasting, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, reporting and consolidation processes. Manual processes are reduced, errors are minimized and the generation of valuable information is automated with precision, increasing business productivity and moving towards better results. Analysts have more time to analyze information instead of spending time compiling data.

SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) is the data warehouse of SAP (Data Warehouse) used as a basis for reporting and planning. Its main objective is to make the collection, combination and consumption of data as easy as possible.

Extraction, transformation and data loading. It is used mainly in data integration projects, where they are read from heterogeneous origins, are transformed and then stored in the Data Warehouse.


SAP Analytics Cloud (or SAP Cloud for Analytics) is a platform for business intelligence (BI) software as a service (SaaS) designed by SAP. SAP Analytics Cloud enables data analysts and business decision makers to visualize, plan and make predictions from a secure, cloud-based environment.

Cree visualizaciones de datos interactivas y listas para dispositivos móviles para sus paneles de negocios y aplicaciones de BI, utilizando SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio. Mejore el diseño de la aplicación y el tablero, coloque la información procesable en la punta de los dedos de los que toman las decisiones, y obtenga el máximo valor de sus datos con una conexión directa a SAP Business Warehouse y SAP HANA

SAP Lumira is designed to meet the display of self-service data and the real-time analysis needs of business users, while allowing users of technical power to create more sophisticated analytical applications. As a result, it allows everyone to execute with greater agility and with a greater focus on the central objectives of business transformation.

It allows the analysis and prediction of new data scenes from the application of statistical models on their historical data.

Offer your staff an easier way to explore ideas and test future scenarios, with SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards. This software dashboard offers users personalized drag-and-drop features and indicators, graphics and interactive widgets, for instant access to clear and understandable metrics.

These Business Intelligence tools provide simple and interactive visualizations, with the ability to simplify raw data in a very easy-to-understand format.

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